Van Sickle offers a comprehensive selection of tractor, equipment, truck, auto, and industrial enamels to meet the demands of industry, farm, and fleet. 


  • Tractor, Equipment & Industrial Enamels are custom designed to meet the high-performance demands of industry and agriculture . They are available in sprays, quarts, and gallons . Hardener is also available to improve chemical resistance, gloss, durability, and dry time . Our industrial enamels feature excellent adhesion, inhibit corrosion, and have a high gloss finish .
  • Performance Ag & Fleet Acrylic Enamels are high performance SPRAY ONLY automotive quality finishes specifically designed for use where an automotive grade finish is desired. It is formulated to provide outstanding long-term gloss retention, durability, and fade resistance. Application benefits include a short dry time along with non-lifting properties for easy touch-up and repair.