Van Sickle Tractor, Equipment and Industrial Enamels are custom formulated for today's farm, home and industry. These paints are custom-designed to meet the high performance demands of industry and agriculture.

Available in aerosols, quarts and gallons. Hardener is also available to improve chemical resistance, gloss, durability and dry time.

Our Industrial Enamels feature excellent adhesion, inhibit corrosion, and have a high gloss finish.

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  • Available in 33 Colors and 4 Primers
  • Contains Rust Arrestor
  • Our Finest Alkyd Formula
  • Hardener Available for Added Durability
  • The industry leader in quality, coverage and color accuracy
  • Custom in-house packaged aerosols for touch-up uniformity
  • Best value for the price in the industry.
Dark Gray Metal Primer
Sandable Gray Primer (Acrylic Lacquer Primer)
Hi-Heat Aluminum (stack paint)
465 Light Ford Gray (1965 and newer)
457 Ford Gray (8N) (Pre 1965)
449 MF Flint Gray Metallic
475 Ford Dark Gray (9N/2N)
Flat Black
G loss Black
Satin Black
Hi-Heat Black (stack paint)
476 Ferguson Gray
Gloss White
White Metal Primer
452 J.I. Case Power White
471 International Off-White
448 Buckskin Beige
470 Rustic Brown
450 Ag Yellow (Safety Yellow) - (For use on John Deere Equipment
459 Transport Yellow (Federal Yellow)
464 New Holland Yellow
454 International Yellow
New Cat Yellow
Yellow Metal Primer
466 Ford Blue (Safety Blue)
460 International Blue
477 AC Persian Orange #1
478 AC Persian Orange #2
453 AC Orange (Safety Orange)
474 Kubota Orange #2
451 Ag Green (Safety Green) - For use on John Deere Equipment
469 Oliver Meadow Green
456 Medium Green (Pre 1952 Oliver)
479 Ford Red-Orange (601/801 & Newer)
458 J.I. Case Flambeau Red
467 MF Red (Safety Red)
480 Ford Red (8N)
455 IH Red
461 New Holland Red (Old IH Red)
406 Red Metal Primer


167 Self-Etching Primer

  • Super Perium Quality Self-Etching Primer
  • Compatible with a wide range of topcoats
  • No sanding needed
  • 10-15 minute dry to touch, 1 hour topcoat

 Sandable Acrylic Lacquer Primer

169 Sandable Acrylic Lacquer Primer

  • Spray only primer
  • Can be used under Tractor & Equipment Enamel or Acrylic Enamel
  • Prime and apply finish coat in the same day
  • Easy wet and dry sanding
  • 1 hour sand/topcoat
  • Excellent adhesion and holdout


447 Gloss Acrylic Lacquer Clear Coat

  • Our finest quality acrylic lacquer formula
  • Use for a “water clear” non-yellowing gloss coat
  • Apply over fully cured Van Sickle Tractor & Equipment Enamel
  • Provides additional protection and fade resistance





7019 Clear Hardener/Catalyst

  • Increases durability
  • Increases chemical resistance
  • Increases long-term gloss retnetion
  • Available in 1/2 Pint and 1 Pint sizes

7028 Clear Hardener/Accelerator

  • Safer alternative to the original Catalyst Hardener (7019)
  • Improves top coat hardness and dry to touch time
  • Moderately improves gloss retention
  • Available in 1/2 Pint and 1 Pint sizes
  • Use for Enhanced Durability


R-05 Enamel Reducer

  • Mix 1 pint per gallon of Tractor & Equipment Enamel
  • Easy to use, no measuring needed
  • VOC exempt in most Air Districts
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