I purchased this JD 350 Mower several years back from an equipment trader for use around my acreage. My intent was to have a small patch of alfalfa to have hay a couple horses. I realized after 2 wet springs that making decent quality alfalfa hay wasn't working for me. So, O turned the hay field into grass pasture for grazing and parked the mower. Finally after it had sat out in the elements for 10 years or so, I needed a weekend project, so I cleanded it up and gave it a Van Sickle Make Over

I don't know the manufacturing date on this machine, but did see an owner's manual online that was dated 1973. My assumption is these 350 mowers were manufactured for a period in the early 70's approximately 35-40 years ago, give or take a little. Along with the new Van Sickle paint job, I replaced all the sickle sections and got all the grease zerks working.

The mower did not have the main belt guard when I bought it. I checked with a local JD dealer and they showed 1 was available from John Deere for a little over $400. Since I ouly paid $300 for the mower, I wasn't up for a $400 part, so I had my local blacksmith build the belt guard from a picture and a drawing. The belt guard isn't original, but he did a great job replicating the original part

Denny Lawerence - Wall Lake, Iowa