I purchased this used Bush Hog Rebel mower from a machinery trader several years ago . It looked rough but was mechanically sound and worked fine for my acreage needs.

I found an owners manual on line that was published in 1978. So l 1m estimating this mower is approximately 40 years old. I figured age 40 was a good time for a facelift. I had a local blacksmith fix a couple cracked welds in the corners and replace a twisted PTO shaft that was causing it to stick when sliding . He also added the new plastic PTO safety shield.
I chose Red & Gray to match my tractor , rather than the original gray from Bush Hog. I was unable to find the original Rebel decals , so I purchased the current Decal that Bush Hog puts on their new rotary mowers. Decals made a big difference completing the project.

Denny Lawrence Wall Lake, IA.