I purchased your paint for my tractor project that has been going on for about 7 months. The painting turned out very nice.
This tractor did not run and needed a lot of major mechanical work done before getting to the fun stuff like painting. The owners daughter said this tractor was abandoned and left outside in a non running condition for about 9 years. I simply don't understand the logic looking at something for 9 years and doing nothing.

I have a lot of red paint on this tractor. I sprayed a tack coat and an intermediate coat and followed with a full wet coat. I had previously primed everything. It didn't look good by my standards and let me tell you, at times they can be pertly low!
I ended up wet sanding everything and spraying three more coats like I did the first time except I used a medium enamel reducer. Absolutely everything fell into place using the enamel reducer. By the way, most of the painting was done outside on carts that I rolled back inside my heated building to dry. Temp was around 60...little chilly .......... but no bugs!!

I'm happy, everyone who has seen this tractor thinks I took it to a body shop. The MF Gray and Metallic body color went on without any problems using the VM&P thinner..... those colors went on rough castings and not sheet metal